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Writer | Lyricist | Beat Maker | Music Producer | Record Label

100 Mixtape (2016)

In 2016 ‘Yung Esh’ joined forces with ‘HeinRich’, a hip-hop artist from Bella Vista, to work on a track called ‘Afrikaans (Die Taal) ‘. That track sparked the thought of producing a full Mixtape. It was a journey that developed a creative space. Within that creative space, determination, dedication and goal thriving they have created the ‘100 Mixtape’.

‘Yung Esh & HeinRich - 100 Mixtape’ Tracklist:

1. 100(Omstandighede) (feat. Johnathan)

2. Man Ini Spieёl (feat. Johnathan)

3. Losing My Mind (feat. Charlton Slinger)

4. Haat’it Of Luv’it

5. La La La (feat. Charlton Slinger)

6. (On)Gebore Baba

7. Afrikaans (Die Taal)

8. Warrior

9. For God I Live

Track 1 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich (feat. Johnathan)’ prevent, that their circumstances (omstandighede) become the down fall of their vision to reach their goal. Instead they gave 100% in what they had, in order to reach the potential that reside within them. The message is to do what you got to do, to survive.

Track 2 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich (feat. Johnathan)’ had to look at their reflection in a mirror, to understand the personal emotion and passion they have for the art. The message is that your reflection carries information that will guide you to your goal.

Track 3 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich (feat. Charlton Slinger)’ found it difficult to break through the barriers that result from emotional pain. These emotional pains often lead to confusion. The message is to fill the mind with positivity and clear the mind from mental obstructions.

Track 4 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich’ will continue to work hard to succeed, whether people hate it or love it. The message is to work hard, no matter the circumstances and what others may think or feel.

Track 5 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich (feat. Charlton Slinger)’ pour out their hearts to their love ones. Despite their relationship circumstances, they’ve learned to gain the ability to resolve their differences. The message is to still work on relationships, even if there are broken parts.

Track 6 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich’ communicates with their unborn- and born children. Giving birth to a lifelong legacy, give experience and growth to fruitful creativity. The message is to educate generations, which will generate the next original.

Track 7 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich’ made use of their home language, ‘Afrikaans (Die Taal)’, to translate their life experience in word format. The message is to use each resource to tell your tale.

Track 8 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ was always in warrior form in order to conquer his mishaps, turning his disadvantages into advantages. The message is that there is always more ways to look at things, only one will be correct.

Track 9 explains how the mouth can bring forwards different sound waves in rhythmic patterns. The message is that you can speak anything into existence.

The Mixtape was show case with two shows. This Mixtape is the first to be recorded and released via Esh Records.

100 (Omstandighede) is available for streaming at: