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Rising Star Mixtape (2017)

‘Rising Star’ is the first solo mixtape, by the artist ‘Yung Esh’. The mixtape is a follow up to his song ‘Falling Star’, released in 2013. ‘Yung Esh’ started to write on music for the mixtape from 2015. During the ‘100 Mixtape’ he recorded music for the ‘Rising Star Mixtape’. The ‘Rising Star’ has guest features, from HeinRich, Migail and Monique, Lunica and Eagle I. The producers that worked on the mixtape are Steano Beukes, Dimi3 and Jason Gorden.

‘Yung Esh – Rising Star Mixtape’ Track list:

1. Intro: Rising Star (Beat Prod. By Dimi3)

2. Afrikaans (Die Taal) (feat. HeinRich)

3. My Storie

4. Dankbaar (Moeder) (feat. Migail & Monique)

5. Die Lig

6. Anne Outjie

7. Plaas Japie

8. Vriendskap Bind (feat. Lunica)

9. Waarskuwing Skoot

10. Warrior (BTBz)

11. Rising Star (feat. Eagle I)

Track 1 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ introduces the ‘Rising Star Mixtape’, giving insight on what is to come. The message is that to interview yourself, you will find inspiration.

Track 2 explains how ‘Yung Esh & HeinRich’ made use of their home language, ‘Afrikaans (Die Taal)’, to translate their life experience in word format. The message is to use each resource to tell your tale.

Track 3 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ tells how he was raised by the people that surround him. ‘My Storie’ speaks of the experience he had. The message is to call on your Spiritual Father to guide you through your daily life.

Track 4 explains how ‘Yung Esh (feat. Migail & Monique)’ show their gratitude towards their mothers, for everything their mothers made available. The message is to be grateful for what you have, and you can reach anything.

Track 5 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ prevents keeping his light from being buried within himself. With his positive mind set and messages, his Light will dominate the dark side. The message is that the Holy Ghost is the light of life.

Track 6 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ was always unique as an individual. He combined different elements from is background as his power source, to thrive towards his goal. The message is that it is not bad to be different, because different elements make up something big.

Track 7 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ made a statement that even the ‘Plaas Japies’ live a normal life. He incorporates his farm knowledge to improve personal growth. The message is to respect people, no matter their background.

Track 8 explains how ‘Yung Esh (feat. Lunica)’ would not judge the previous mistakes of a person, and still build an trustworthy friendship. Friendships allow one to witness life in a different perspective. The message is to motivate friends with positivity, to improve relationships.

Track 9 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ had an inner battle, warning the demonic spirit against his Purified Spirit. The past is filled with broken parts that bring forward a lot of anger. The message is to slay your demons, with the power of words defending your soul.

Track 10 explains how ‘Yung Esh’ was always in warrior form in order to conquer his mishaps, turning his disadvantages into advantages. The message is that there is always more ways to look at things, only one will be correct.

Track 11 explains how ‘Yung Esh (feat. Eagle I)’ got through the process they had to go through, on their rise up. Their art makes it impossible to miss their talents, like stars shining at night. The message is to keep ‘Rising’ above your circumstances, leaving behind baggage that keeps you from being a ‘Star’.

The 'Rising Star' has been show case with an radio interview with Jason Gordan at WRfm 105.9 for the Youth Culture. On the 20th January 2017 Esh Records held an 'Rising Star Battle' to show case the mixtape.

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